Christian Castillo

Salutations. My name is Christian, and I am an editor and writer who can provide quality content in a timely manner.  I am currently accepting submissions for work. Please feel free to contact me either through here or through my LinkedIn profile.

A Sampling of My Writing

Included is a small taste of the different styles of writing that I do.

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Addiction in the Household

There’s something to be said about a family working together to deal with drug addiction. The road to recovery is already rough and treacherous; each new day presents its own unique challenge to those in recovery. Addiction doesn’t just affect the one suffering from the affliction: addiction affects all those closest to the addicted individual. A person’s entire family can end up being hurt by addiction, with trust being broke, seemingly beyond repair. There is nothing wrong with feeling hurt

Fanbase Press - ‘A Strange & Beautiful Sound:’ Softcover Review

The graphic novel is an existential story that asks these question about life, and whether we are really just going through the motions and doing what we’re doing just for the sake of doing them.  Character William is a devout Carthusian monk, a man who hid away in a monastery for 25 years and stopped talking, even to himself. One day, he is summoned back to the world after a relative passes away and is forced to deal with the legal proceedings of the inheritance.  On his journey to Paris, this

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The Primal Calm Of Being Alone

I had to experience something for the first time that I believed I had already experienced: fear of the unknown. Specifically, I am talking about walking down a dark road, with no street lights, tense and afraid that anything can happen to you. And for some reason that is one of the most calming feelings ever. A little context here: I’m working at the mall and I have no car. I’m doing a closing shift at this store I’m working at and my ride is also working and gets off an hour later. I either h

Fanbase Press - ‘Walled City: Volume One - His Dream of the Skyland’ - Trade Paperback Review

His Dream of the Skyland is the first book of the Walled City Trilogy by Anne Opotowsky and illustrated by Aya Morton and is set in Hong Kong, 1925, a place that is adjusting, painfully, to the new coming age. What was once a seemingly quiet corner of the world has become an international crossing of the painful merging of Chinese and British cultures. Here, we meet Song Lu, an energetic and hopeful youth, as he is starting his new job as a dead letter sorter and carrier, a “good job” as he repe

Fanbase Press - ‘Wytches: Bad Egg Halloween Special’ - Comic Book Review

Seb’s mother is a member of “The Irons” which, essentially, hunts down Wytches. He comes to learn about all of this relatively quickly after being almost used as a sacrifice to feed a baby Wytch. Of course, it just so happens that Seb’s new friend next door is part of a family of “High Born” Wytches who Seb and his mother have to eliminate. The question becomes, though, are their fates truly sealed? Or can you break your own destiny? It’s the perfect comic to read during this time of haunting

Fanbase Press - ‘My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies:’ Hardcover Review

Brubaker and Phillips create an interesting story. Unfortunately, aside from an interesting premise, there’s not much else going for this story. At 80 pages long, the story takes quite some time to get going, and when it does, there’s just not much there. The characters themselves are one-note and unlikable. Ellie herself says she is a bad influence, and Skip doesn’t have much substance other than that he’s hiding something. Although that pairing seems interesting, in the end, it just falls flat